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Project Rise - Dunrobin Road Site for building Church.jpg

Our Permanent Home

SUPPORT US to build

the First Malankara Orthodox Church in

Canada's National Capital

We are a small Christian community that started gathering for worship in 1985. As first and second-generation immigrants from South India, we relied on our small community as we embarked to establish our roots in Ottawa and surrounding areas. With the growth in the third generation, and continued migration, our community has grown over the years and we have struggled to find a consistent place of worship. 

We pursued existing buildings that would serve as our place of worship and have not been successful due to limited buildings, limited space, zoning and current market prices. We felt our best opportunity was to purchase a vacant land and build a Church in phases as we gradually raise capital.

Most recently with the ongoing pandemic, we have realized how important it is to stay connected with the community for the health and well-being of our family and friends and to provide support and stability to our elderly and youth. As a congregation, we have taken the leap to pursue building a Church to service our families to provide ongoing support for our community and provide a consistent place of worship for our youth.

This gave birth to our dream project called Project Rise!

While we feel blessed to have been able to successfully purchase our own land, we will definitely need your help and cooperation to pursue Project Rise. We would like to take this time to humbly request your prayers and support to achieve our dream!

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